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Supply List

Supply Lists

Mounds View Public Schools is moving to TeacherLists, a new platform for school supplies this year.  Using TeacherLists to order supplies is completely optional (see the last two bullet points below for instructions on how to print the list or use TeacherLists as a checklist while shopping). 

To access your school's supply list: 

  • Choose the appropriate school
  • Choose your grade level or class list
  • To order online:
    • Pick your retailer of choice
    • Remove any items you don't need or update quantities as needed
    • Click the "Continue to _____" at the top or bottom of the page to add those items to your cart.
    • Complete your purchase at the retailer's site
  • To print the list, click the print icon in the upper right corner.
  • Or use the interactive online shopping checklist by clicking "Shopping in Store?"
Early Childhood Education Supply List

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